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AYNIAB! is a social enterprise whose products help funding projects aimed at increasing physical well-being and mental health through Freestyle Football. Our goal is to promote active lifestyles and encourage anyone to play, anywhere: All you need is a ball!

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Freestyle Football

Imagination is the only limit!

Keep the ball in the air for as long as possible and create your own style by combining moves and improving your body awareness. Freestyle Football develops balance, control, touch, self-esteem, rhythm and resilience. Learn more at the Off-Pitch Academy!

Play Street Football!


At AYNIAB!, our aim is to encourage play around the world, reducing any entry barriers so everybody can enjoy the game regardless of their age, gender or origin. 

For some guidance, check out the following street games, played all over the world. Remeber, to participate All You Need Is A Ball... but don't hesitate to check the social channels of our partner organisations to help get you started!

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Enjoy the magic of simple football!

The best way to learn 3v3 is to play! The pitch shouldn't be larger than 20m long by 12m wide, as this contains the game and promotes controlled ball touches. You can define the goals using rocks, sweaters, bags or anything you have at hand. A size 4, low bounce (futsal) ball is the most suitable!

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Take your skills to the next level!

A panna arena or cage is best (a circular area approximately 3-5 metres in diameter), but you don’t need that in order to play: you can begin by learning combinations of ground moves on the ball. Subscribe to Panna House to learn more!

Partner Projects

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Mumbai,  India

Bangalore, India

Recife, Brazil

Salvador, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

São Paulo, Brazil

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Mexico City, Mexico

Bogotá, Colombia

Philadelphia, USA

La Piña, República Dominicana

Arusha, Tanzania

Sydney, Australia

Talat, Egypt

Beirut, Lebanon

Oslo, Norway

Copenhagen, Denmark

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Riga, Latvia

Buenos Aires, Argentina

London, England

Lome, Togo

Porto-Novo, Benin

Lagos, Nigeria

Yaoundé, Cameroon

Yangon, Myanmar

Manila, Philippines

Dakar, Senegal

Cape Town, South Africa

Nairobi, Kenya

Kampala, Uganda

Aberdeen, Scotland

Milan, Italy

Phnom Penh, Cambodja

Our Partner NGO's and Projects can be found in all corners of the world. We link donors to the cause of most interest to them and aim for collective social impact through Football towards the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.


1st September every year since 2010 marks World Freestyle Day. A celebratory day with one mission in mind: get as many people active around the world as possible. All you need is a ball!
Anyone can participate and share their experiences on social media using the hashtag
#allyouneedisaball: the best pictures will form an annual exhibition of Freestyle and Street Football culture and show how the ball influences and impacts people and communities all around the world
The ambition through this and other projects is to tell stories that promote the incredible work delivered by charities who use football as a tool for
community development purposes

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Join the team: fill in the form to become a cherished member of the AYNIAB movement!

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