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AYNIAB is the acronym of All you need is a ball!, a call to action phrase coined in 2009 during the early stages of creating the world governing body for Freestyle Football.

AYNIAB resonates not only with Freestyle Football, but with many other ball sports, and it can also be interpreted into all aspects of life. The objective is simple:
to inspire healthy, active lifestyles whilst being the best version of ourselves every day.

For some guidance on how to start, check out the following street games, played all over the world. Remember, to participate all you need is a ball... but don't hesitate to check the social channels of our partner organisations to help you crack on!

© PWG @pwgfreestyle

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Freestyle Football

Imagination is the only limit!

Keep the ball in the air for as long as possible and create your own style by combining moves while improving your body awareness. Freestyle Football develops balance, control, self-esteem, rhythm and resilience. Learn more at the Off-Pitch Academy!

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Enjoy the magic of simple football!

The best way to learn 3v3 is to play! The pitch shouldn't be larger than 20m long by 12m wide, as this contains the game and promotes controlled ball touches. You can define the goals using rocks, sweaters, bags or anything you have at hand. A size 4, low bounce (futsal) ball is the most suitable!

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Take your skills to the next level!

A panna arena or cage is best (a circular area approximately 3-5 metres in diameter), but you don’t need that in order to play: you can begin by learning combinations of ground moves on the ball. Subscribe to Panna House to learn more!


© Daniel ‘Mikolaj’ Mikolajek for the WFFA

Street Football Culture

Wherever you can find a football stadium or pitch, you can find Street Football!


Freestyle Football has existed for centuries: aspects of the sport can actually be traced back to ancient games in South East Asia and China called Chinlone, Jianzi and Sepak Takraw


It is only since the dawn of the XXIst century, however, that we can look at Street and Freestyle Football as a sub-culture in its own right

Leo Francis_Red Bull Content Pool_Harrie

© Harriet Pavlou @harrietfreestyle


The athletes in these forms of Street Football are self-taught, highly skilled individuals, who can now live full-time from their skills on the ball


There are many Street and Freestyle Football competitions across the world and the sports offer multiple ways to generate income for its participants, organisers and sponsors
AYNIAB network is street influenced and creates highly engaging content for GenX, Y and Z. They are social media savvy, participate in eSports and share many values with other street sports

© Michal 'Michryc' Rycaj


© Andrew Henderson for the WFFA

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Discover the WFFA!.


Stay up to date on the sport of Freestyle Football by following the World Freestyle Football Association (WFFA) on social media. Visit the website for all information on events, culture and much more!

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© Pradeep Ramesh @prsoccerart


© PWG for the WFFA

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1st September every year since 2010 marks World Freestyle Day. A celebratory day with one mission in mind: get as many people active around the world as possible. All you need is a ball!
Anyone can participate and share their experiences on social media using the hashtag
#allyouneedisaball: the best pictures will form an annual exhibition of Freestyle and Street Football culture and show how the ball influences and impacts people and communities all around the world
The ambition through this and other projects is to tell stories that promote the incredible work delivered by charities who use football as a tool for
community development purposes

© Lukasz 'Luki' Chwieduk for the WFFA


© Erlend Fagerli for the WFFA

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© Laura Biondo for the WFFA

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